Academics & Athletics

Athletics Philosophy Statement

Wittenberg's Department of Athletics is an integral part of the university that strives to achieve the same standards of excellence that exist within various academic disciplines at the university. Furthermore, the athletic department embraces the concept that the student-athletes are first and foremost students, possessing individual rights, academic abilities, personal interests and ambitions comparable to those of other members of the general student body.

Wittenberg University is committed to the principles and practices of amateurism, student-athlete welfare, gender equity, sportsmanship and fair play, cultural diversity and overall athletics excellence and this commitment shall reflect in every aspect of the athletics departmental operations.

Statement of Responsibility for Balance
Between Academic and Athletics Responsibilities

Student-athletes are primarily responsible for balancing academics and athletics. However, recognizing the pressure that student-athletes face from competing time demands placed upon them by both professors and coaches, we establish the following statement of responsibility. The statement assumes that the student's primary responsibility is to academic coursework and that practice sessions are always subordinate to class attendance.

Students should work with advisors to schedule courses so that practices and contests are not in conflict with academic courses.

Student-athletes are expected to contact professors in advance in order to resolve conflicts between class attendance and participation in athletic contests. It is recommended that student-athletes miss not more than four sessions of any class in a semester for regular season athletic contests. Permission of a Faculty Athletic Representative is required before additional excused absences will be permitted.

Coaches will, as necessary, establish and maintain communications with the professors of team athletes regarding academic progress. Professors should feel free to contact coaches regarding the academic responsibilities of student-athletes.

Professors, coaches, athletic administrators and student-athletes should feel free to bring concerns about athletic participation and academic responsibilities to the attention of the Faculty Athletic Representatives. The Faculty Athletic Representatives may serve as mediators involving the Committee on Athletic Policy and Recreation, as necessary.

Faculty Athletic Representatives

The Department of Athletics is strengthened by a healthy relationship with the university's faculty. A high level of cooperation and support is made possible by the department's academic liaisons, the Faculty Athletic Representatives (FAR). The FARs also represent the academic interests of our student-athletes within the North Coast Athletic Conference and as delegates to the NCAA.

Lindsay Meermans

Lindsay Meermans Assistant Professor of Business Lindsay Meermans is currently the women's faculty athletics representative. She has been on the Wittenberg faculty since 2014. She added faculty athletics representative responsibilities in 2017.

Brian Yontz

Brian Yontz Associate Professor of Education Brian Yontz is currently the men's faculty athletics representative and has been one of the most ardent and visible supporters of the Tigers on and off the field since he started at Wittenberg in 2006. He added faculty athletics representative responsibilities in 2015.