Academic All-Americans

As selected by the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA)

The College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) annually selects Academic All-America® Teams in 12 programs — football, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, and volleyball in the fall, men’s basketball and women’s basketball in the winter, baseball, softball, men’s track/cross country, and women’s track/cross country as well as men’s at-large sports and women’s at-large sports in the spring. At-large sports include crew, fencing, field hockey, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, rifle, skiing, swimming, tennis, and water polo.

First-team, second-team and third-team are selected in both the University (NCAA Div. I and I-AA) and College (NCAA Div. II and III, and NAIA) Divisions, with a change made in 2011 to separate NCAA Division II and III. Football consists of just first- and second-teams. The Academic All-American® Teams are currently sponsored by Google Cloud — previous sponsors include GTE, Verizon, Capital One, and ESPN The Magazine.

Wittenberg CoSIDA Academic All-Americans

Name Year Sport Team Pos. Release
Gene Miller 1963 Football 1st DB  
Jim Appleby 1967 Men's Basketball N/A F  
Robert Baum 1971 Football 2nd LB  
Dean Caven 1976 Football 2nd DL  
Allan Beebe 1977 Baseball 1st 2B  
Kurt Keener 1977 Men's Basketball 3rd G  
Jim Donnellon 1978 Football 2nd OT  
Joe Govern 1979 Football 2nd DT  
John Lutz 1980 Football 2nd WR  
Bill Beach 1980 Football 1st DB  
Bill Beach 1981 Football 1st DB  
Tom Jones 1982 Football 1st OL  
Melinda Wigton 1982 Women's Basketball 1st G  
Pam Evans 1982 Women's Basketball 2nd F  
Sheila Simon 1983 At-Large/Women's Track & Field 1st High Jump  
Jay Ferguson 1984 Men's Basketball HM G  
Kristine Rittchier 1985 At-Large/Women's Track & Field 2nd    
Eby Day 1985 At-Large/Women's Tennis 3rd    
LeAnn Coberly 1985 Softball 2nd 1B  
Kristine Rittchier 1986 At-Large/Women's Track & Field 2nd    
Victor Terebuh 1988 Football 2nd DB  
Paul Kungl 1988 Football 1st WR  
Victor Terebuh 1989 Football 2nd DB  
Victor Terebuh 1990 Football 1st DB  
Jerry Cicolani 1990 Baseball 3rd OF  
Jeff Baller 1991 Baseball 3rd SS  
Jerry Cicolani 1991 Baseball 3rd OF  
Bobbi Ashby 1994 At-Large/Women's Soccer 2nd D  
Dan Corfman 1995 Football 2nd DL  
Scott Schwartz 1996 Men's Basketball 2nd F  
Kathy Aros 1996 At-Large/Women's Soccer 3rd MF  
Kathy Aros 1997 At-Large/Women's Soccer 2nd MF  
Dawn Reinhardt 1998 Women's Volleyball 3rd OH  
Skip Ivery 2003 Track/Cross Country 2nd Hurdles June 17, 2003
Skip Ivery 2004 Track/Cross Country 1st Hurdles June 23, 2004
Sarah Fetters 2007 Softball 2nd SS May 30, 2007
Emily Bell 2007 Women's Volleyball 2nd OH Nov. 28, 2007
Sarah Fetters 2008 Softball 2nd SS May 29, 2008
Kelly Foley 2009 Women's Soccer 2nd D Nov. 17, 2009
Tim Uher 2010 Track/Cross Country 2nd Decathlon June 22, 2010
Kelly Foley 2010 Women's Soccer 2nd D Nov. 19, 2010
Jordan Millice 2011 At-Large/Men's Golf 3rd   June 7, 2011
Kimmie Dyer 2011 Women's Volleyball 3rd OH Dec. 13, 2011
Jordan Millice 2012 At-Large/Men's Golf 2nd   June 5, 2012
Kara Seidenstricker 2013 Women's Volleyball 3rd RS Dec. 10, 2013
Rachel Ross 2014 Softball 3rd P/DH May 19, 2014
Francine Murzynski 2014 At-Large/Women's Lacrosse 3rd MF June 3, 2014
Kara Seidenstricker 2014 Women's Volleyball 1st RS Dec. 9, 2014
Kara Seidenstricker 2015 Women's Volleyball 1st RS Dec. 8, 2015
Corey Stump 2015 Football 2nd WR Dec. 2, 2015
Karen Wildemann 2018 Women's Volleyball 1st S Dec. 12, 2018
Donald Helfelfinger 2018 Football 2nd DL Dec. 12, 2018

NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships

The NCAA awards 174 postgraduate scholarships annually, 87 for men and 87 for women. The scholarships – one-time, non-renewable grants of $7,500 – are awarded to student-athletes who excel academically and athletically, who are in their final year of intercollegiate athletics competition, and who intend to continue academic work beyond the baccalaureate degree as a part-time or full-time graduate student. Each sports season (fall, winter, and spring), there are 29 scholarships available for men and 29 scholarships available for women.

Wittenberg Recipients of NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships

Name Year Sport Release
Scott Schwartz 1996 Men's Basketball  
Kent Rafey 1998 Football  
Dawn Reinhardt 1999 Women's Volleyball  
Skip Ivery 2004 Football/Track  
Corey Stump 2016 Football March 3, 2016
Emily Kahlig 2017 Women's Volleyball April 10, 2017
Macy Hubbard 2017 Women's Golf Aug. 14, 2017
Nathan Matthews 2019 Men's Volleyball Aug. 7, 2019