92 Tigers Earn NCAC Academic NCAC Honor Roll Accolades

A record total of 1,221 student-athletes have been named to the 2021-22 North Coast Athletic Conference Academic Honor Roll following the completion of the academic year.

The honorees were selected from all 10 full-time NCAC institutions and one affiliate member. Each full-time institution had at least 42 student-athletes named to the Academic Honor Roll for an average of 120 student-athletes per school.

To be honored, a student-athlete must be at least a sophomore on an active roster in a sport sponsored by the conference and hold a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or higher.

The 1,221 student-athletes on the list accounted for 1,376 total roster spots, which takes into consideration multi-sport student-athletes. Women's track & field student-athletes led the way for the ninth consecutive year with 118 total honorees, while football posted the second-highest total for the fifth time in nine years with 111 student-athletes on the list. Baseball and women's soccer were represented by 109 student-athletes each to tie for the third most which placed baseball in the top three for the second consecutive time and women's soccer in the top three for the fifth time overall and in the top five for the eighth time in nine years. Men's soccer landed in the top five for the sixth time after tallying 87 honorees this year.

The 2021-22 NCAC Academic Honor Roll class features six graduate students, 431 seniors, 429 juniors and 355 sophomores.


2021-22 Wittenberg Academic Honor Roll Honoree's

Wittenberg Ian Ash So. Baseball  
Wittenberg Jared Burick Sr. Baseball  
Wittenberg Tyler Defibaugh Jr. Baseball  
Wittenberg Connor Goss Jr. Baseball  
Wittenberg Max Monachino Jr. Baseball  
Wittenberg Matt Moore Jr. Baseball  
Wittenberg Conor O'Malley So. Baseball  
Wittenberg Jack Siefert Gr. Baseball  
Wittenberg Caroline Ford Jr. Field Hockey  
Wittenberg Emma Hurguy Jr. Field Hockey  
Wittenberg Meredith Johnson Jr. Field Hockey  
Wittenberg Lilye Morrison Sr. Field Hockey  
Wittenberg Allison Ormsby Sr. Field Hockey Women's Lacrosse
Wittenberg Nick Bowman Jr. Football  
Wittenberg Tony Calovini So. Football  
Wittenberg Dane Flatter Jr. Football  
Wittenberg Levi Morrison Jr. Football  
Wittenberg Jake Saus Sr. Football  
Wittenberg Cade Schmelzer So. Football  
Wittenberg Cameron Snurr So. Football  
Wittenberg Drew Sterrett Jr. Football  
Wittenberg Troy Teepe So. Football  
Wittenberg Peter Caine So. Men's Cross Country Men's Track & Field
Wittenberg Cullen Sainey Sr. Men's Cross Country Men's Track & Field
Wittenberg Evan Sugrue Jr. Men's Cross Country Men's Track & Field
Wittenberg Ryan Zimmerman Sr. Men's Cross Country Men's Track & Field
Wittenberg Evan DiSanto Jr. Men's Golf  
Wittenberg Harrison Hamlin So. Men's Golf  
Wittenberg Grant Klepitsch So. Men's Golf  
Wittenberg Braeden Meier Sr. Men's Lacrosse  
Wittenberg David Blair Jr. Men's Soccer  
Wittenberg Cameron Caldwell So. Men's Soccer  
Wittenberg Aaron Craddock Jr. Men's Soccer  
Wittenberg Patterson Edris Jr. Men's Soccer  
Wittenberg Nick Harding So. Men's Soccer  
Wittenberg Cole Lewis So. Men's Soccer  
Wittenberg Lukas Lindberg Jr. Men's Soccer  
Wittenberg Alex Zysik Sr. Men's Soccer  
Wittenberg Garrin Bachinski Gr. Men's Track & Field  
Wittenberg Andrew Cates So. Men's Track & Field  
Wittenberg Zach Guyer Gr. Men's Track & Field  
Wittenberg Clara Andersen Sr. Softball  
Wittenberg Julia Burch So. Softball  
Wittenberg Shannon Flaherty So. Softball  
Wittenberg Elise Freeland Sr. Softball  
Wittenberg Nicole Hawkins Sr. Softball  
Wittenberg Kira van Ravensberg So. Softball  
Wittenberg Hannah Weymouth Jr. Softball  
Wittenberg Nicole Belanger So. Volleyball  
Wittenberg Ashley Brooks Sr. Volleyball  
Wittenberg Maya Hagander Jr. Volleyball  
Wittenberg Sarah  Hettich Jr. Volleyball  
Wittenberg Katie Hiestand Sr. Volleyball  
Wittenberg Tyler Linkhart So. Volleyball  
Wittenberg Kristie Kalis Sr. Women's Basketball  
Wittenberg Jade Simpson So. Women's Basketball  
Wittenberg Kylee Slone So. Women's Basketball  
Wittenberg Evie Wolshire So. Women's Basketball  
Wittenberg Abigail Yunker Sr. Women's Basketball  
Wittenberg Caroline Arndt Sr. Women's Cross Country Women's Track & Field
Wittenberg Elizabeth Canright Sr. Women's Cross Country Women's Track & Field
Wittenberg Sydney Khosla So. Women's Cross Country Women's Tennis
Wittenberg Emma Scritchfield Sr. Women's Cross Country Women's Track & Field
Wittenberg Corin Turkovich So. Women's Cross Country Women's Track & Field
Wittenberg Lauren Welker Sr. Women's Cross Country Women's Track & Field
Wittenberg Ellen Frame So. Women's Golf  
Wittenberg Elizabeth Uhl Jr. Women's Golf  
Wittenberg Zoe Chirumbolo McKee So. Women's Lacrosse  
Wittenberg Jessica Flick So. Women's Lacrosse  
Wittenberg Sydney Henderson So. Women's Lacrosse  
Wittenberg Antavia Horne Sr. Women's Lacrosse  
Wittenberg Joanna Stecz Sr. Women's Lacrosse  
Wittenberg Mya  Wolfe Jr. Women's Lacrosse  
Wittenberg Sydney Artis Sr. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Mackenzie  Bushong So. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Badin Clark So. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Paige Kaiser So. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Emma Lindsey So. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Andrea Meeks So. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Maria Miller Sr. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Clare Neltner Sr. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Catie Oerther So. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Alyson Parks So. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Shannon Riley Jr. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Emma Schewe Sr. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Emma Secrest So. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Emily Wile Sr. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Katie Wisniewski So. Women's Soccer  
Wittenberg Mackenzie  Schuld So. Women's Swimming & Diving  
Wittenberg Sophia Spriggs Sr. Women's Swimming & Diving  
Wittenberg Ashley Isaac Gr. Women's Tennis  
Wittenberg Alannah Browning So. Women's Track & Field