The Department of Athletics does not charge for admission to regular season intercollegiate athletics events. Prices and policies for North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) and NCAA tournament contests are set by each respective organization. For information regarding any NCAC and NCAA events held at Wittenberg, please check the Athletics home page.

For any questions that aren't answered here, or for questions regarding a specific event, please contact Wittenberg University Sports Information at



Ticket prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Spectators must adhere to university, North Coast Athletic Conference and NCAA policies, as well as all applicable law or face removal from the site of competition.


Ticket gates are easy to access at all facilities where tickets are required. At Edwards-Maurer Field (football, soccer, lacrosse), the south gate, nearest Bill Edwards Drive, is open for all sports with tickets available for purchase. The north gate, nearest West McCreight Avenue, opens for football games only. At Pam Evans Smith Arena (basketball, volleyball), the ticket booth is located in the lobby of the HPER Center. At Carleton Davidson Stadium (baseball), fans enter through the gate behind home plate, near the main entrance from the parking lot.


In certain cases, such as an anticipated sellout or near-sellout crowd, North Coast Athletic Conference tournament events and NCAA tournament events, a pre-sale may be held. The Department of Athletics will release information regarding pre-sales as early as possible, generally 7-10 days in advance of the event. Please check the Athletics home page and news releases for more information regarding specific events. Passes issued by Wittenberg or the North Coast Athletic Conference are not valid at the gate during regular season presale situations, but may be presented at the pre-sale location in exchange for tickets.


Wittenberg University and the Department of Athletics are happy to make reasonable accommodations for disabled spectators at all facilities. For information about the accessibility of a specific facility, please visit the facilities page. For more information or to request an accommodation, please sports information at

Group Tickets

If you are interested in bringing your youth organization to a Wittenberg athletic contest, please sports information at


Most events are general admission. At football games, selected seats in the center section, painted red, are reserved. Events at Pam Evans Smith Arena with large anticipated crowds may be ticketed by section. Reserved seating is available for men's basketball by contacting the Wittenberg University Sports Information office. For more details regarding seating locations, refer to the following PDF seating diagrams: Edwards-Maurer Field (football); Edwards-Maurer Field (field hockey, soccer, lacrosse); Pam Evans Smith Arena; Carleton Davidson Stadium.

Severe Weather Policies

In the event of severe weather at one of our outdoor facilities, a public address announcement will be made and Wittenberg athletics staff will provide all participants and spectators with further instructions.

Tornado Warning: At the time a tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service, it is mandatory that all present seek shelter inside the HPER Center or nearest building.

Lightning: If lightning is present, play will be halted for 30 minutes from the most recent strike detected. It is mandatory that all spectators leave the seating area of any outdoor venue, and recommended that all spectators seek shelter in the HPER Center or other nearest building, or inside personal vehicles.